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Join a community of women that are getting healthier and happier every day!

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If you've ever struggled to feel strong, fit and healthy as a woman;

if the gym environment is intimidating and defeating;

if you aren't sure about what exercises you should be doing and need the extra nudge;

if you need a really simple way to eat better;

and if you want accountability and support from other women in a Christ-centered environment...

Just imagine your life as a mom if you were strong, free and happy with your body.

...then the Strong Mommas Coaching Program is for you.

Here's why...

Thorough, women-specific workout plans that help you get substantially stronger and leaner. They're quick and effective at boosting your metabolism, building muscles and creating tangible transformation. 

Done-For-You Workout Routines

You'll receive ongoing support and encouragement from a community of Christian women that will be there every day to help you stay on track.

Uplifting Accountability

Learn how to stop dieting and consistently eat better, so you can finally see and feel results. Meal plans, grocery lists, and accountability charts make it even easier!

Simple Eating Strategies

Whether you're pregnant, postpartum, going through menopause, or have some minor injuries, there are options to help you customize your routine!

Custom Options

"I’ve tried many fitness programs and Strong Mommas is the first one that helped me be consistent with exercise and completely revamp the way I view and eat food. "

"It’s so easy to be overwhelmed and misinformed when it comes to nutrition and fitness. I feel like Megan and the Strong Mommas program is the voice of reason in all the noise. The workouts and eating guidelines are so practical and effective but the community and Megan’s expertise have been what I’ve been missing!"

Allison says...

See how this program is helping moms just like you...

As a mom of two boys, I know firsthand the challenges of trying to be a fit mom. I've been there...trying to squeeze a workout in between naps, finding contentment in my postpartum body, and learning what "strong" means as a mom. 

All of the workouts I design, and the easy nutrition strategies I teach, have been personally tested in my own life."

"I'm right in the trenches with you...


Megan has a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science, is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and is a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach. She has over a decade of experience coaching women in person and online with outstanding results.

"I joined Strong Mommas on a whim after a friend shared how much the program affected her. Now, after a year in, I’m doing things I never thought I could, which is making me take on so many more things in life!

I tell so many friends about these workouts. I am teaching my family what I’m learning about nutrition. And I share with so many of the students I work with about Megan’s view on body image.

So good. So doable. So worth it."

Jordann says...

There are now two coaching program 

options to choose from!

Choose the level of coaching that fits you best!

Check out the features included with your coaching program!

50% off all 30 minute coaching calls with Megan

28-Day Body Type Specific Meal Plans

Access to full length workout videos in addition to regular monthly workouts

Pre/Postnatal Coaching Instruction

Downloadable tracking charts for accountability

"Build-a-Butt Workshop" for building hip strength

Entire Metabolic Finisher Library



$1 first month trial

Monthly Beginner Workout Plan Download + Videos

Complete Nutrition Guide for Strong Mommas

New 7-Day Meal Plan each month

Weekly motivational email from Megan

Online community in private Facebook group

LIVE Q&A sessions & LIVE Workouts with Megan

Two FREE 15-minute coaching calls with Megan

Diastasis Recti 3-phase healing protocol

Monthly Inter./Adv. Workout Plan Download + Videos

Premium Coaching Program


This is the signature program with all of the bells and whistles! With premium coaching, you'll have access to all of the accountability features and customization tools, the online community of like-minded women, and extra private coaching opportunities with Megan.

(or only $15/month for 1 year paid in full)

With the basic coaching program, you'll get just the essentials to help you feel your best! If all you need is a no-frill beginner workout plan and the nutrition guidelines + meal plans to point you in the right direction, then you'll thrive with this option! 

Basic Coaching Program


(You can switch to premium at any time.)

Shoot! But, let's get you on the waitlist so you'll hear all about private invitations to join and be one of the first to know when it reopens again to the general public!

The workouts are quick, simple, and can be done at home without any fancy equipment. Each workout has a video demonstrating the exercises so you know exactly what to do. Choose either the beginner or intermediate/advanced workout plan. You'll even get specific help if you're pregnant, postpartum, or dealing with nagging injuries.

(Intermediate/advanced workout plan & specific help features available only with the Premium Coaching Program.)

Monthly Workout Plan Downloads

Complete Nutrition Guidance

Learn a simple way to choose healthy food every time. The downloadable guide teaches you everything you need to know, plus how to eat right for your body type, when & how often to splurge, workout nutrition, and more! The meal plans, healthy recipes and accountability charts make it so easy! 

More About the Key Features

Online Community

You'll have immediate access to a sisterhood of like-minded women in a private Facebook group that will build you up, spur you on, and even pray for you through tough times.  

(Available only with Premium Coaching Program.)

Free Coaching Calls

You'll have the opportunity to do two 15-minute private coaching calls with Megan for FREE, one at 6 weeks into the program and the other at 12 weeks. Use these calls to help you customize your program, troubleshoot barriers, and gain clarity with your action steps.

(Available only with Premium Coaching Program.)

Constant Support

With weekly motivational emails, weekly LIVE Q&A sessions, and LIVE workouts with Megan in the Facebook community, you'll have the continual interaction and support you need to succeed. 

See how...

"I love that we get new workouts every month and that you can do them in the convenience of your own home! The nutrition info is so helpful and really helps me eat healthier throughout the week. I also love the culture of this group and how it's centered around long-term change and becoming strong, rather than focusing on what you look like. You get all of this for such a reasonable price AND part of your membership goes to helping those in need. So much to love!"

Sara M., member for 4 months

Megan G., member for 9 months

"The Strong Mommas program has helped me find freedom in fitness and nutrition! It has helped me learn to love food for the blessing it is and it has given me the tools to appreciate and utilize my God given body type for the amazing things it can do. This program is just plain awesome and one of a kind!"

"This has been the only fitness and/or nutrition program I have ever stuck with for longer than three months. It is easy to do everything required to see results while being in the busiest, most chaotic phase of life (mom to 3 young kids). It’s changed me inwardly, too, with my perspective on food and truth from the Bible related to these topics."

Becky F., member for nearly 2 years

Ally S., member for over 2 years

"Strong Mommas is the reason why I now experience so much freedom and balance surrounding nutrition and working out. After being a part of the Strong Mommas Coaching Program for over two years, I have kicked the all-or-nothing mindset to the curb, I experience so much grace surrounding health, and I’m stronger than ever!"

"I used to be unhappy in my body, my knees hurt, and I was extremely out of shape. Now, after working with Megan and Strong Mommas, I'm in better shape than I was in my 20's! But the biggest changes are happening in my heart. I'm at a point now where it really doesn't matter if anyone thinks I look good or not. It matters that I'm being faithful and mindful with food and honoring the Lord in my desire to be healthy."

Emily V., member for over 3 years

Jen S., member for over 2 years

This whole process with Strong Mommas has impacted everything. I'm far more comfortable in my skin now, and less judgmental towards myself. This is huge. And now my entire family is healthier, too!"

You won't find another program that meets all the needs of a mom...physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

It simply doesn't exist anywhere else. 

Find out what it feels like to be strong, pain-free, energetic, and confident in your own body.

True Transformation

Guilt & Shame Free Environment

Experience a grace-filled program, where we rejoice over real heart & mind changes as much, if not more than, pounds lost. 

It's for Every Woman

Whether you're a true beginner or an experienced athlete, you will be appropriately challenged. In fact, you don't even need to be a mom to join this fantastic community!

No Gimmicks

Strong Mommas is not affiliated with any other product or program. No upsells or expensive supplements. Guaranteed.

It's Doing Great Things

Strong Mommas donates half of every monthly coaching fee to First Image and Northwest Children's Outreach, two organizations that are directly servings moms and babies in need.

"This program has completely solved my problem of decision fatigue - always trying to figure out what to do! I just love that it's all-inclusive and I don't have to guess anymore."

-Alexis P., member for over year

With the Strong Mommas Program, you get a 

top-notch training plan, nutrition coaching, and accountability!

Most coaching programs like this are well over $300 per month!

But we have made this extremely affordable so you can stay focused on your self-care without the burden of a costly plan.

You can cancel anytime. No questions asked.  

Did you know? 50% of every Strong Mommas Membership fee is donated to mommas and babies in need. Strong Mommas partners with both First Image and Northwest Children's Outreach to help financially support the most vulnerable in the community. You get to help by joining!

Choose a program below that suits you best!

Access just the basics!

Beginner workouts, nutrition guide & meal plans, plus weekly inspirational email to keep you focused.

Basic Coaching




Jump straight in and access the entire Premium Coaching Program for the same price of the Basic!

Premium for the




You save 50%

Access everything!

All the workouts, complete nutrition coaching, online community & extra accountability features!

Premium Coaching




You can switch to the yearly plan at any time!

Shoot! But, let's get you on the waitlist so you'll hear all about private invitations to join and be one of the first to know when it reopens again to the general public!

"For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago." Ephesians 2:10

I'm looking forward to coaching you!

You're going to love this program and the way you feel!

Do you have any questions or concerns? Please don't hesitate to ask! You can email me directly at megan@dahlmanelite.com.