Stop dabbling, start doing.

Stop dieting, start eating real food.

Stop the cardio madness, start building muscles.

Stop focusing on your flaws, start focusing on the truth of who you are.

Learn how to workout from home. Not just silly plug-and-play DVD workouts, but a real strength and conditioning program.

Learn crazy-simple ways to clean up your eating habits. No scary overhauls or dieting. Just a gradual shift toward cleaner eating.

Learn how to shift your mentality so you appreciate your body and the strong things that it can do, 

instead of just loathing its shape.

*Yes, these are real comments from real Strong Mommas Members. It works.

This is where Strong Mommas comes in.

Being a "fit mom" can feel like a fairytale. Fitting in workouts and consistently eating healthy is one more burden among many. It's another expectation that is horribly time consuming. 

I can't wait to hear you say...

"What?! There's muscle there!"

"I don't feel like a klutz anymore!"

"This is the strongest I've ever felt in my life."

"I'm finally comfortable in my own skin and clothes for the first time in years!"

And honestly, having washboard abs or "Carrie-Underwood-legs" is probably not your top priority. You might just want to drop a couple sizes, have energy and strength, and feel like you're taking care of the body God gave you.

"I want to run up the stairs in my house like a track star and feel my core again!"

What if I told you there was a simple solution?

Simple workouts. Simple nutrition. Superb accountability. Spectacular changes. 

A new easy-to-follow workout plan every 4 weeks 

Workouts that make you stronger, faster, leaner, more flexible and more resistant to injury

Choose from Beginner Workouts or Intermediate/Advanced Workouts 

NEW! 3 full phases to help heal your separated abs & weak pelvic floor

All workouts take 30 minutes or less and use very minimal equipment

Direct access to Megan as your coach...ask as many questions as you need

Exclusive access to the Strong Mommas private group on Facebook with dozens of other women

Live coaching calls and Live workouts with Megan 


Exclusive weekly emails 

Tips for helping you stay focused for the week

Complete Strong Mommas Nutrition Guide to learn the basics of eating healthy

New 7-Day meal plan every month that is simple & practical for a busy family

Grocery list that corresponds with your meal plan

Simple visuals and charts to make adherence easier

Nutrition Coaching



Sample Workouts & Meal Plans

Curious to see what your programs will look like? Click below to download free samples.

I'm not a fitness model. I've never strutted across a stage. And I'm not a competitive athlete. I'm terribly mediocre. God never gave me the gifts of incredibly good looks and high level performance. It's the truth.

But God did give me the gifts of knowledge and faith. I know a lot about fitness and nutrition, with a degree in Exercise Science and some professional training and nutrition certifications (CSCS and PN1). And I know a lot about women, having trained them for nearly a decade. I believe that women deserve to be coached well, told the truth, and carefully guided towards being super strong, deeply healthy and content in their bodies.

I'm also a mom and completely understand how hard all of this is. I know what a postpartum body feels like, I know what screaming children sound like in the middle of a workout, and I know what it feels like to hide in a closet and eat chocolate. Been there, done that.

Let me teach you how to juggle all of this. Let's take care of your body, not just to look fabulous in a swimsuit, but so you can operate at your absolute best and stay that way for a long time. 

Are you ready to do this together?


How the Membership Works

As soon as you subscribe, you will gain instant access to the Members Hub. From there, you can  view and download all of your nutrition materials, workout plans, videos and special monthly bonuses. 

You will also see a weekly Bible verse to encourage you and keep you pointed in the right direction.

To make your journey a little easier, every week there is a different "Food for Thought" tip, one thing to focus on for the week instead of trying to concentrate on everything.

Gain Instant Access

Print out your workouts for the month. Choose from either the beginner workout, the intermediate/advanced workout, or even the QuickStart Workout Guide, which will guide you through your first month. Every workout takes 30 minutes or less.

Decide how many days per week you can realistically commit to training. Workout as little as twice per week or up to five times. You will see results no matter what.

The routines focus on building your strength, cardio, power and flexibility.

Choose from several Workout Add-Ons to help you customize your workouts for your own individual needs.

Start Connecting



Begin by reading through the Complete Nutrition Guide for Strong Mommas. This lays the groundwork for all of your food choices moving forward.

Print out the Good Nutrition Quick Guide and the Meal Chart to start keeping track of your meals.

Explore the meal plans. Every month, a new 7-day meal plan is added that helps you adhere to your new healthy eating habits.

Learn to grocery shop better by using the grocery lists that correspond with the meal plans.

Start Getting Stronger

Start Eating Better


Gain access to the Strong Mommas Coaching Group on Facebook. Share your story, seek encouragement or prayer, and hear daily tips from Megan.

Participate in a Live Coaching Call weekly to have your questions answered and to learn more about nutrition and exercise.

Every couple weeks, follow-along with Megan as she leads you through a complete workout LIVE together in the coaching group.

Receive weekly emails that bring you Biblical inspiration and simple methods to make your health journey more successful.

See the passion behind Strong Mommas

For  just $1 for your first month and only $30 per month thereafter, you gain access to complete nutrition instruction, workouts laid out for the month, and daily coaching to help you stay on track.

How much is the membership?

Half your membership fees will be donated to two local ministries in the Portland area that serve the broken and invisible.

Northwest Children's Outreach and the First Image of Portland serve women and children that desperately need assistance. You get to help.

Monthly Subscription

You will be automatically billed monthly. You can cancel anytime.

Get stronger. Eat healthier. Stop dabbling, start doing.

Don't wait any longer to begin your journey...

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